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MobiLearn Talking Phrasebook Add-on: 500 Nouns, English-Spanish (WM) 4.0

MobiLearn Talking Phrasebook Add-on: 500 Nouns, English-Spanish (WM) 4.0

MobiLearn Talking Phrasebook Add-on: 500 Nouns, English-Spanish (WM) Publisher's Description

New Page 1 A seamless add-on to the MobiLearn(R) Talking Phrasebook

The 500 Nouns module adds a basic vocabulary to Version 4 of the MobiLearn English-Spanish Talking Phrasebook. These nouns are the names of people, places, and things most essential to everyday conversation. When this add-on module is installed on a Pocket PC that contains the required Talking Phrasebook, 500 Nouns becomes a new subcategory under the Conversation category. This add-on includes the names for colors, family members, items of cuisine, and other basic terminology. A second add-on, 500 More Nouns, includes the names for outdoor activities, cultural pursuits, computer equipment, and other more advanced terminology. For greatest efficiency, we recommend that you install this program on a CF or SD storage card.

Key Features

  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing MobiLearn Phrasebook.
  • Contains 500+ parallel English and Spanish nouns essential to a solid vocabulary.
  • Displays the nouns in either language by topic or alphabetically.
  • Instantly shows the written translation of any chosen English noun in Spanish, or Spanish noun in English.
  • Speaks the translated noun out loud in a clear native voice.
  • Repeats the pronunciation automatically according to your preferences, to aid practice and memorization.
  • At your option, plays all selected phrases aloud in a continuous flow.
  • Saves selected phrases in a personal Bookmarks category.
  • In Quiz mode, lets you test your knowledge and track your progress over time.

How It Works

Suppose you're traveling in Venezuela and want to buy some toothpaste:

  1. On the home screen, select English-Spanish as the (From)-(To) languages.
  2. Tap the Conversation icon.
  3. In the Conversation list, tap the 500 Nouns category.
  4. Scroll through the 500 Nouns word list and tap "toothpaste."

You'll see the Spanish equivalent, "la pasta dentífrica," in the gold translation window. To hear it out loud, tap the translation window. Then just repeat what you hear to pronounce the term in natural Spanish. To reverse the direction and translate Spanish nouns into English, select Spanish-English as the (From)-(To) languages, then proceed in the same way.

This add-on module requires the MobiLearn Talking Phrasebook (English-Spanish), Version 4 or higher, as a foundation.  For further language tools in this series, see MobiLearn's other add-on modules: 500 More Nouns, Cuisine, Dating, and Driving.

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